Merchandise Mecca Compatible Replacement For HFT600 Humidifier Compatible Filter, Filter T - Made for HEV615 and HEV620 Models (One Filter)

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  • Premium aftermarket Humidfier Filter T designed by Merchandise Mecca in the USA.
  • This humidifier filter is designed to prevent growth and migration of mold, fungus, algae, and bacteria.
  • Fits HFT600 Series, HEV-600 Series: HEV615, HEV615B, HEV615W, HEV620, HEV620B, HEV620W, HEV-615, HEV-615B, HEV-615W, HEV-620, HEV-620B, HEV-620W
  • Helps Remove Minerals & Pollutants from the Water and Reduce White Dust
  • It is recommended that owners replace filter every 20-30 filling. Other brand only lasts 15-20 fillings!
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