Wessel Werk Powerhead EBK360QDC with wand

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Wessel-Werk Model EBK360-QDC Power Brush plus accompanying integrated telescopic wand.

The German design and manufacture of the EBK360 by Wessel Werk means you can be sure you are getting a high quality, deep cleaning powerhead. With an impressive 5 position carpet height adjustments, quick neck release and wand release you get convenience plus versatility. The bright LED headlight will save energy and last longer than traditional headlights. The Wessel-Werk EBK360 has a rubber strip and soft rubber wheels making it ideal for use, not only on carpeting, but also on bare floors. With a chevron designed roller brush the effectiveness of the brush roller and it's cleaning ability is maximized.  

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerhead Features

  • LED bright headlight
  • Long lasting reinforced cogged belt
  • 4 Soft rubber wheels won't mar or scratch bare floors
  • Solid state circuit breaker protects the motor
  • Locking neck with release pedal for quick release of wands
  • Large edge cleaning channels to clean closer to edges and baseboards
  • Extra large intake orifice means little or no clogging
  • Enclosed side mounted belt so your belt is protected from debris you pick up
  • Air-flow control squeegee for hard surface use
  • Chevron bristle configuration maximizes brush roller cleaning effectiveness
  • Locking neck assembly for convenient on/off function
  • Telescopic integrated wand with cord management saves time attaching the hose to the wands. 
  • 5-Step height adjustment for use on a wide variety of carpet styles

Connecting the EBK360-QDC Power Brush to the hose handle was given no less thought than the power brush itself. The telescopic Wand with QDC (Quick Disconnect) provides effortless attachment and adjustment of the power brush for carpet cleaning. Through a easy to use thumb operated button the chromed steel wand can be adjusted for any sized user, extending from 24.5" - 38.75".

The wand has incredibly smooth slide action. The new latching mechanism gives a firm lock that does not slip and is easy to set. The new adjustable wand also has a redesigned interior that is smooth to reduce debris snags and increase airflow. Sealed from the dirt and dust passing through the wand itself, the telescopic action is completely maintenance free.

The ultimate in power brush convenience, the telescopic wand features a quick disconnect system that enables you to easily remove the power brush from the system. In this QDC system the cord remains with the wand where connectors on each end allow it to be unplugged from the power brush at the bottom or from the hose grip at the top. This allows you to switch cleaning tools from any connector without having to unplug cords or remove connectors.

Using the QDC System is simple. The EBK360-QDC has a receiver engineered into its swivel connector. The wand has the built on cord with its mating connector held in place. When you insert the wand into the power brush the system makes the connection of the plug and locks them together. To release the wand you step on the foot tab of the power brush and power plug is disconnected from its socket and the wand is released from the EBK360-QDC. Without bending or stooping you can easily change the cleaning tool from power brush to floor brush - then to crevice nozzle and back to power brush in just seconds - without latches, buttons or plugs.

The lower "stationary" part of the wand system includes the more reliable rivet down steel lock pin that works with the QDC to keep the wand engaged into the EBK360-QDC power brush. The QDC connector is mounted to the wand and two soft nylon cord keepers come preinstalled with the coiled power cord on the wand. The upper section of the power nozzle cord is a stretch type coil, similar to a telephone handset cord, providing tension while in the cleaning position.

The top of the telescopic wand includes an easy release tab (called a thumb saver) to quickly disengage the hose from the wand and a small crease at the top of the extension tube that centers and lowers the hose button lock for easy attachment. The back of the upper wand holds the permanently riveted Plastiflex Cord Management connector. This cord connection collar holds the coiled power cord in a ready-mounted position for quick connection to the hose grip.

Simply attach the hose to the wand and the power nozzle's cord is automatically plugged in for you. Pushing the release tab on the front of the wand lets you quickly detach the wand from the hose, no fiddling with a cord plug. A feature highly prized by central vacuumer's, the quick attach cord management system makes changing from one tool to another at the hose grip fast and easy.


NOTE:  In order to ensure proper mating between the wand and your hose, the position of the protruding button on the hose is very important. The 'button' should be located approximately 1" from the end of the stub wand of the hose. In addition, the receptacle on your hose should be flush mounted (vs. recessed). If the hose does not have these two features, the wand will not mate correctly and this powerhead and wand will not work for you. The hose front end does not have to be 'gas pump' style for the wand to work (as long as button position is correct) and the hose can be either pigtail or direct connect

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