SuperValve Square Door Direct w/EZ-Flange Almond

$12.50 Sale


This Hayden Almond Supervalve is made for Direct Connect attachment kits. The Supervalve combines all connections of a dual volt hose system in a single valve; Suction Connection, 12V Signal and 110V power brush electrics supply. With the Supervalve and a direct connect attachment set you need only plug the hose in to the wall valve to make all 3 connections, unlike standard connections where you must plug in the hose and also an electric cord to a near by electrical outlet.

Supervalves may require the assistance of a qualified electrician during the installation to run cable to the box and wire in the connector. 12V signal wire and tube connections are the same as standard inlets.

This valve has an attractive modern design. The valve includes both the face plate and mounting plate along with locking connector and screws - you do not need to order separate install plates for Supervalves.

Color: Almond, sold 1 each. Also available in White.

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