Premium True HEPA Replacement Filters for HPA300 Air Purifier.

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  • QUALITY: Captures 99.97% of microns in the air it is designed to clean indoor air of smoke, pollen, dust, and mold spores
  • VALUE: Get three HRF-R3 compatible TRUE HEPA filters and four pre-cut carbon pre filters to fit perfectly with your HPA300 machine
  • NO MORE CUTTING: No more wasting your time and not getting a snug fit onto the HEPA filters. We cut them to the perfect size so it can capture the most possible amount of contaminants
  • TRUST - Trust Merchandise Mecca with all your Honeywell filter needs - guaranteed fit and function
  • REPLACEMENT - Replace these filters every six months for optimal use - carbon pre-filter should be changed out every 1.5 months

EAN: 6543217949037

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