Plastiflex Central Vacuum 30' or 35' Hose with Pigtail Connection

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This is the same hose that comes in the Wessel Werk Central Vacuum Kits (with pigtail connections). 
The lightweight current carrying hose is 30 or 35 feet long. The CVS hose body is highly flexible to make sharp turns without cutting off the suction. The handgrip is also the latest design in ergonomic "Gas Pump" grips. Keeping the grab area small means less fatigue on your fingers and wrist than with gripping the whole diameter of the hose. This hose body is an oversized 1 3/8" ID with a smooth bore interior for better airflow properties. The new 1 3/8" hose works exactly the same as older 1.25" hoses.
 The hose-to-grip connection has a full 360° swivel union that keeps you tangle free while moving about room to room, and the fingertip switch is 3 position giving you complete control over the remote suction unit and the powered brush.
This hose includes a 7 foot cord attachment (the 'pigtail') built into the hose cuff that plugs into a standard electrical outlet somewhere nearby the CV inlet to provide electricity to the premium power brush. The wall end of the hose cuff is 1.5" in diameter and fits most inlet on the market today where power for electric attachments is not supplied directly by the CV wall plate.
This hose will work with all standard wall plates, even some of those that were installed years ago and those that may not have originally included a powered attachment group. The 1.5" wall end hose cuff is the most universal in size and even fits most Nutone brand wall plates installed after 1990.
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