Kenmore 5055 & Panasonic C-5 Synthetic Vacuum bags - 3 pk

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DVC Brand--Ideal for Asthma & Allergy Sufferers with Advanced Fiber Filtration

Ordinary paper bags can pass as much as half of the problem particles like dust, pet dander, mold and pollen back into the air, DVC Allergen Performance Vacuum Bags capture up to 100% of these particles down to 1 micron.

These bags are designed to fit Kenmore Canister models using bag numbers 5055 , 50557 and 50558

Bag Features

  • 3 Ply Constructions is Stronger than Paper
    • Will Not Tear During Installation and Removal
  • Improved Vacuum Performance
    • Minimizes Loss of Suction as the Bag Fills
  • Synthetic Filter Media
    • Will  Not Support Growth of Mold, Fungus, Bacteria 

  • Vacuum Bag with Advanced Fiber Filtration
    • Traps up to 100% of Dust, Pet Dander, Mold & Pollen
  • Easy to Install


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