Genuine Bissell Calcium Water Filter Steam Mop 218-5600, 2185600

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Fits: Bissell 1865 series, 1867 series, 31N1 series, 21H6 series, 46B4 Series and 39W7 Series

Lift-Off® Steam Mop™ Hard Surface Cleaner 39W78

Model: 39W78

Steam&Sweep™ Hard Floor Cleaner 46B48

Model: 46B48

Similar Models: 46B4, 46B42, 46B4A, 46B4P, 46B4R, 50E1, 57F45, 57F4E, 57F4F, 57F4J, 57F4K, 57F4Y

Removes harsh minerals and ions from your tap water

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