Eureka Style MM Allergy Vacuum Bags

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Total 10 bags sold in bulk. 

For Eureka Mighty Mite 3670 and 3680 Series. For optimum performance, change your bags every 1-2 months. Store in a dry,clean place.

Indoor dust -- a complex mixture of cotton fibers, pollen, dust mites, food particles, bacteria, mold spores, and numerous other respiratory irritants -- has long been recognized as an asthma/allergy trigger. In fact, for the majority of allergic asthmatics, indoor house dust is a primary cause of respiratory problems.

Obviously, the ultimate goal of vacuuming is to collect and trap all these dirt and dust particles - no matter how small - but conventional bags allow many microscopic irritants and pollutants back into the carpet or - worse yet - makes them airborne. Now, with asthma and dust-related allergies on the rise, capturing all of these particles has become increasingly important. Home Care Industries' micro-filtration vacuum bags bring that goal closer to reality.
These two-ply construction bags offer 99.7% filtration down to 5.0 microns and capture particles as small as 0.1 micron. They trap most microscopic particles while allowing clean air to pass through. This increased airflow dramatically improves the overall efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

DVC's Micro-Liner® bags use a revolutionary non-woven inner liner. This micro-filtration media is formed of electrostatically-charged discontinuous polypropylene microfibers, which makes for an extremely efficient filter as well as a stronger bag with higher dust-capacity.
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