Central Vacuum 2" PVC 90 Degree Long Sweep Elbow

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90º Sweep Elbows for Central Vacuum Systems
The 90° Sweep Elbow CVS fitting is the connector of choice for all full 90 degree turns in a CVS tubing system. The 90° Sweep Elbow HUB fitting makes long radius turns in order to maintain airflow and prevent blockage intra-system. Safe for use in non-accessible areas.
Building an infrastructure for central vacuum systems is simple when using quality Vaculine 2" PVC fittings. Vaculine PVC fittings are specifically designed to have low internal surface friction for air handling use in central vacuum system applications.
TESTED, INSPECTED, APPROVED. These fittings are manufactured in compliance with the ASTM F2158 and are marked with the ASTM 2158 specification and UMC shield for proper compliance with building code.
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