Central Vacuum 2" PVC 45° WYE

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45º Wye's

The 45° Wye offers excellent airflow when coupling a end of line running at a 45° angle to another thru line. This lower resistance fitting can be used in connection with other fittings, including the 5518 45° Spigot Elbow to create a custom sweep tee. Used often with other 45° fittings and thorough planning, the 45° WYE can increase tubing system performance as compared to 90° fittings based systems. Safe for intra-system use, full depth HUB fittings for direct connection to pipe.

TESTED, INSPECTED, APPROVED. These fittings are manufactured in compliance with the ASTM F2158 and are marked with the ASTM 2158 specification and UMC shield for proper compliance with building code.

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