Eureka Style RR Filtrete Vacuum Bags - 3 pk

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3M Filtrete Pet Odor Absorber Vacuum bags to fit Eureka Style RR bags. Fits Eureka Victory style machines with top fill bags, series 4300-4400. Buyer to receive two packages of 3.

Filtrete Bags fits Eureka Ultra Smart Vac, Boss Smart Vac, and Limited Edition Smart Vac, including all 4800 Series models numbers (4870, 4873, 4874, etc).

Micro Allergen Filtration

From the air your vacuum pulls through the bag, Filtrete Micro Allergen Bags capture 94% of particles larger than 1 micron in size, including dust mite, debris, grass and ragweed pollen. They also capture 57% of particles between 0.3 and 1 micron in size, including household fibers and other microscopic allergens.

Pet Odor Absorber

Reduce powerful pet odors with Filtrete Pet Odor Absorber vacuum bags.  Specifically designed to reduce offensive pet smells collected from carpets and floors, these vacuum bags use activated carbon technology to retain and absorb odor-causing particles, helping to leave your home clean and odor-free.

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