Central Vac Vacuum Deluxe Stretch Hose 6'- 32'

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Wire reinforced stretch hose that extends from 6 feet up to 32 feet in total length. CVS stretch hoses are a great addition to any home for fast cleaning and quick pick-ups. An excellent addition for any cleaning application where storage space is at a premium. Perfect for areas that require quick cleanups including kitchens, mud rooms and the garage. Excellent for mobile CVS installations including RV's and boats. A stretch hose allows you to keep the hose stored in a space closer to the area to be cleaned including utility closets and kitchen pantry. At only a quarter the size of convention fixed length hoses the stretch hose is easy to keep on-site for fast clean up of spills and everyday quick cleaning. 

This hose fits all standard 1.5" central vacuum inlets and activates your vacuum system when the metal banded hose cuff is inserted into the inlet.

The wall end of the hose features a quality 1.5" CVS semi-flexible vinyl hose cuff with metal band to activate the central vacuum power unit when inserted into the wall valve. 

The tool end of the stretch hose gives you a full 360° swivel grip to prevent kinks in the hose. The plastic stub wand is a standard friction 1.25" diameter that fits most all cleaning tools and wands.
The friction connection is fast and allows you to rotate the vacuum head at the handle by turning the wand instead of the tool.
This hose is equally at home in the cupboard, on the workbench and out on the road or water in recreational vehicles where storage is at a premium. Low weight with excellent compressive properties and durable long lasting materials. This stretch hose adds more convenience to central cleaning systems and is an excellent addition to any central vacuum system.
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